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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is BYG Pass?

BYG Pass is an all access pass and allows users to workout at any gym/fitness center around you for the entire duration of the Pass. You can avail any service like gym, Zumba sessions, yoga sessions etc through the BYG Pass

Advantages of BYG Pass

BYG Pass is more than 50% cheaper than any membership at a gym. It also provides users the flexibility of working out at the gym and city of their choice.

What are the differences between National & City Passes?

The only difference between National & BYG Pass is that you can access gyms/fitness studios in each city that BYG is present in (Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Bhubaneshwar) through the National Pass. The City Pass allows you to access gyms/fitness studios in that particular city only.

Is BYG Pass a membership for a gym?

No, BYG Pass is not a membership for any gym. It’s an offer from BYG wherein you can access as many gyms in as many cities as you want during the duration of the BYG Pass.

How do I buy BYG Pass?

1.Download the BYG App
2.Fire it up and click on ‘All Access BYG Pass’ on the Home Tab
3.Choose any of the National or City Passes
4.Choose the duration for which you want to buy the BYG Pass and add it to cart
5.Pick a Start Date
6.Go to your cart and make payment

How do I use BYG Pass?

1.Buy the BYG Pass
2.Fire up the BYG App
3.Choose a gym that you want to work out at
4.Under the Gym Floor/Group Activities tab, select the activity you want to go for
5.Choose your time slot
6.Go to the cart
7.On the payment page, under Coupon field, your BYG Pass will already be applied and you will not be required to pay anything as long as your workout session price is less than INR 250
8.Voila, your session is booked and a ‘ME Card’ will be generated which you would have to show at the gym/fitness centre counter to workout

Is there a limit on the number of gyms I can workout at, through the BYG Pass?

You can check out as many gyms as you want to, through the BYG Pass but can attend the same gym or fitness class for upto 10 session per month.

Can my friend use my BYG Pass?

BYG pass is your own personal, non-transferable fitness pass. Once you have purchased the BYG Pass, your name, contact details appear at gyms/fitness centers and in our records

Is there a limit on the number of sessions I can attend through BYG Pass?

You can attend 1 session per day through the BYG Pass. However, you can workout each day throughout the period for which you have bought the BYG Pass.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Not really. To sum it up, Two major T&Cs for a BYG Pass are :

1. You can use BYG Pass only once per day.

2. The cap for a workout session to use a BYG National Pass is INR 250

3. The cap for a workout session to use a BYG Economy Pass is INR 150

4. The cap for a workout session to use a BYG Premium Pass is INR 500

I want a particular gym to be listed on BYG. How can I get that done?

If you want any particular gym in your vicinity to be there on our platform, we would love to hear you out. You can drop us a text or alternatively send an email at care@byg.co.in

I have made a payment, however I didn’t receive any order confirmation ?

Sometimes the ME card doesn’t get populated instantly. Try refreshing or logging out and logging back again. If you still haven’t received the booking confirmation, it implies that your payment never went through and your payment will be reversed back within 5 working days onto your bank account (if you have made the payment using credit card/debit card/net banking) or instantly onto your wallet (if you have made the payment using BYG wallet).

How shall I give a feedback/rate the gym?

In the ME card, there is an option to rate and review the workout experience. Also you will be receiving an email after your workout for the same. If you have any general feedback, drop a mail at care@byg.co.in

I want to make a bulk membership booking. Will I be eligible for discounts?

BYG is (We are) here to help you and get you the best deals possible. You can drop us an email with your requirements at care@byg.co.in. Alternatively you can call us at +91 9663168737

I haven’t received my referral bonus on BYG wallet. What should I do?

Try logging out and logging in once again to check whether your BYG wallet is correctly reflected. If not, you can reach out to us at +91 9663168737

My BYG wallet shows negative balance. What does that imply?

Try logging out and logging in to check whether your BYG wallet is correctly reflected. If not, you can reach out to us at +91 9663168737

I am unable to find any gyms/fitness center. What should I do?

We are currently operational in 5 cities, i.e. Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, NCR Region and Bhubaneswar. If you are unable to find fitness centers nearby you, please drop us a text. We will soon be expanding to other cities and will keep you posted about the same.

Unable to make a booking. My payment is not going through, why is this happening ?

This may be because of the payment gateway servers being down. Try using other modes of payment, meanwhile you can drop us a text and we will resolve the issue for you

I want to cancel a booking. What should I do?

Cancellations and refunds are applicable only for workout now sessions and not memberships. If you wish to cancel your workout now session prior to 24 hours from the slot start time, there will be an instant 100% refund back to your BYG wallet which you can use for subsequent bookings. For any bookings within 24 hours, there will be no refund.

I want to reschedule a booking. What should I do?

You can reschedule your workout now session prior to 24 hours from the slot start time by just paying up the additional amount (if any) or the balance amount will be instantly added back to your wallet. You can’t reschedule any session within 24 hours from the slot start time. For rescheduling membership bookings, ping us here or call us at +91 9663168737.

Unable to find the location of gym. The GPS location is inaccurate, What should I do ?

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Kindly drop us a text along with the gym details where you faced the issue and we will rectify it in the blink of an eye. Alternatively you can call us at +91 9663168737.