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Ab Workouts to get those Flat Abs!

“The first rule to get those awesome abs: you do not do crunches or sit ups. The second rule to get those awesome abs: you do not do crunches or sit ups.” – Tyler Durden! If you have been wondering … Read More

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5 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has to be the best gift from India to the world. There are quite a few broad variety of yoga schools, practices and beliefs of yoga in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism but every each one of them aims for … Read More

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5 Useful Hacks to Stay Active on your Vacation!

    Have that much anticipated vacation sneaking on you pretty fast? And, you find yourself worried that it would end up throwing your fitness regime to a toss? The hotel you have booked, doesn’t have a gym? Or your … Read More

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5 Reasons that you are not losing weight!

    So, you are working your socks off at the gym or during those high intensity long runs? But, the needle of the scale wouldn’t budge? Or did you lose weight to start off before you hit the plateau? … Read More

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10 Best Songs to Workout to

We all know the importance of music in going that last mile during your run or making that last lift. Nothing pushes us towards our goal like music does. Well, except our own determination! You have been looking for a … Read More

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top 10 gyms ghaziabad

Top 10 Gyms in Ghaziabad

People of Ghaziabad, whether you are fit and fabulous or just plain old lazy, we have come up with a list that will make you jump in those trainers in no time! Read on and get inspired to workout. Fitness … Read More

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top 10 gyms gurgaon

Top 10 Gyms in Gurgaon

People of Gurgaon! We are back with another edition of our ‘Top 10’. So stop! Stop looking for another fitness center because we have the list right here! Read on and get inspired! Rock On Gym — Sector 17 Rock On Gym … Read More

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Top 10 Gyms in Delhi

Delhi! We are here back in another edition of our Top 10 Gyms! Delhi, the city of the country, the city of the smog and the morning joggers! Yes, Delhi has been steering itself towards the era of health and … Read More

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top 10 gyms faridabad

Top 10 Gyms in Faridabad

The gyms in Faridabad are up and coming, upbeat and boy they can’t be stopped! Here is our list of Top 10 gyms in Faridabad for you to choose to start achieving your fitness goals in the New Year. Read … Read More

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