BYG is a strong brotherhood - a group of ambitious, passionate and hungry individuals with a strong sense of belonging towards our mission.

A glance at what we have achieved since we started our journey in Dec' 2015:

Launched Android App in Feb 2016

We launched our app within 2 months of starting, and (almost) ran across the town screaming Eureka!

Expanded to 1000 gyms in April 2016

Hit our four digit mark on the back of some insane effort from our sales team

Got our first set of investors in June 2016

The journey got even more exciting.

Touched 15000 users in August 2016

People loved us, hated us, recommended us, and criticized us. We kept listening and working hard.

Meet our amazing team

devi prasad biswal - book your game

Devi Prasad Biswal

Center Forward
avijeet alagathi- book your game

Avijeet Alagathi

Goal Keeper
manish dwivedi - book your game

Manish Dwivedi

The Captain Sir
karthik nair - book your game

Karthik Nair

Dare Devil
srinivas chavali - book your game

Srinivas Chavali

The Coach
prince agrawal - book your game

Prince Agrawal

Crown Prince
ruchir shukla - book your game

Ruchir Shukla

Chalaak Ruchir
harsh sharma - book your game

Harsh Sharma

The Prodigy
mukesh jakhar book your game

Mukesh Jakhar

The Jat
aniket das - book your game

Aniket Das

The Guruji
Mohammed Ghouse - book your game

Mohammed Ghouse

The Optimus Prime
monisha - book your game



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