5 Useful Hacks to Stay Active on your Vacation!




Have that much anticipated vacation sneaking on you pretty fast? And, you find yourself worried that it would end up throwing your fitness regime to a toss? The hotel you have booked, doesn’t have a gym? Or your itinerary would not allow you to indulge in any calorie burning workout? Well, as they say ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. We have a few hacks for you to keep exercising and shedding a few calories each day even when you are gorging away to glory, on the sumptuous meals! Because you know, it’s more difficult to restart your fitness regime even if it has been just a week of inactivity.


Run on the Beach



Remember that scene from Baywatch? Yeah, the same! Pamela Anderson running on the beach ‘saving’ people. So, a run on the beach might not make you look that glamorous but it would certainly help you burn a few much needed calories. Afraid how and when would you manage it, with the kids/spouse around? Well, that’s what mornings are for. And if you are running on the east coast, you get to catch the mesmerising sunrise too! Now, that’s a run we should all aim for if we are hitting any beach city during the vacations!


Go for a Trek

Retreating to the hills for that breath of cold, unadulterated air instead of the beach and still looking to keep burning a bit of those calories? You already are the perfect spot to do that. All you have to do, is take off early morning and start running. You have a high probability of coming across a few not too high hills. You could actually try scaling one of these hills. Worried that you have never trekked before and doubting your ability? Fret not. As long as the hill isn’t too high or steep it would be an easy task and we promise you would feel proud as well as exhausted (not too much though) by the time you are back down!


Bike around

Cycle at Top


At most of the touristy cities today, you would be able to find a few shops which rent out bikes. And by bikes, we mean bicycles and not the environment destroying and fuel guzzling variant! You can bike around the city, looking at the various attractions that it has to offer. A guided tour is helpful too though we believe that cycling at one’s own pace and wherever one wants to go, is more pleasing to the heart. And if the city you are in has a hill close by, scale it with your bike. And we promise that you wouldn’t have felt as much proud of yourself in ages as you would when you cycle down from the summit.


Swim about

Albeit not as effective as running in shedding those calories, swimming is an amazing workout in its own right. It is an activity where you have to be dependent on the availability of the resource. Though, if your hotel does have a swimming pool or there is a beach close at hand, you are all set! It is an activity in which you could include your kids/spouse as well and can be intermingled with fun activities like volleyball or Frisbee right there in the water.


Use the BYG Pass

Alright, alright. Shameless plugin! Yeah, we know. But if you do have a BYG Pass and are traveling to any of the cities where we have a network, we have you covered. Even if it is an activity like swimming or Zumba, you can always bank on the BYG Pass to get you access to a gym close by.


So, no cribbing the next time you return from a vacation. These activities should keep you burning those calories even while you are devouring those meals.


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