5 Reasons that you are not losing weight!




So, you are working your socks off at the gym or during those high intensity long runs? But, the needle of the scale wouldn’t budge? Or did you lose weight to start off before you hit the plateau? We feel you homie! Listed below are 5 major reasons of you not being able to shed off more weight despite the regular exercises. Let’s dive straight into them then.


Not Sufficient Protein Intake

We are sure you must have heard this a million times now. So, what is it that a protein rich diet does that others cannot! Protein increases the level of a horde of appetite reducing hormones and reduces the level of hunger inducing hormone. This basically means that when you eat a protein rich diet, your brain thinks that you are not hungry and helps you with your craving throughout the day. Another advantage of protein is that they consume a lot more calories to be digested than carbohydrates and fats, which in turn boosts your metabolism as well.

A few of the protein rich foodal fat content are:unnamed

Chickpea or Chhole
Lentils or Daal
Full Fat Milk
Greek Yogurt
Cottage Cheese or Paneer


Consuming the Wrong Fats

Lay off those fats! Really? Not exactly. The right types of fats are good for us so much so that they help in a quicker metabolism rate, protect against heart diseases and speed nutrients through your body. Not all fats are created equal. Polyunsaturated, monounsaturated fats are good fats while saturated fats are bad fats. The idea has to be to stick to food which has low levels of omega -6 fatty acids, saturated fats and trans fats.


A few of the good fats rich food are:

Dark Chocolate
Egg Yolks
Greek Yogurt
Olive & Canola Oil
Unprocessed cheese


Right Mix of Cardio & Resistance Training

Both cardio and resistance training have to be carried out according to the workout plan. Cardio, for some weird reason, has been getting a bad rap these recent years. However, it remains the most effective way to reduce that belly fat. Resistance training like lifting weights ensures that your metabolism does not slow down and whatever is there beneath the layer of fat looks good.


High Intake of Sugar & Alcohol

High Intake of AlcoholSugary beverages are the worst kinds of fats that we can have. And the worst part is that our brains don’t compensate our calorie intake by making us eat less after having sugary drinks. And it’s not just the aerated drinks but also they healthier ones which have quite a large sugar count. Booze has a huge calorie count, with red wine, beer etc containing as many as 8 calories per gram which is more than carbohydrates. The calories in alcohol cannot be stored for later, so the body’s metabolism has to focus on alcohol first which diverts it from the task of burning fat which gets accumulated in the belly!


Less intake of Water

Drinking water helps with the weight loss. It increases the number of calories you burn which is known as the resting energy expenditure. Resting energy expenditure picks up by at most 30% within 10 minutes of drinking water and it lasts upto 60 minutes. According to a study, drinking 0.5 liters of water results in a burn of extra 23 calories, which translates to a weight loss of 2 kgs over a period of a year. These results will be more impressive if you drink cold water as the body expends a few more calories to get the water to your body temperature!


Weight loss is a science which depends on a host of factors. If we are able to keep a few of these factors in check, there is no way why we would not be able to lose the weight we so desire!



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