Top 10 Gyms in Gurgaon

top 10 gyms gurgaon

People of Gurgaon! We are back with another edition of our ‘Top 10’. So stop! Stop looking for another fitness center because we have the list right here!

Read on and get inspired!

Rock On Gym — Sector 17

Rock On Gym focuses primarily on strength and stamina! Their workout regimes are customised according to their clients’ needs as well. They offer the best quality equipment and aim to provide a complete health and fitness experience.

Motivation: Their personal trainings are worth trying!

Fit for Life — Sector 14

People have spoken! This gym in Gurgaon has some of the most positive customer reviews. Their equipment, facilities, workouts, trainers and group sessions have been rated very positively.

Fit for Life gym strives towards providing varied workouts to remove the dreaded gym boredom.

Motivation: Their personalised Muscle gain and weight loss plan are popular!

Live up Fitness — Malibu Town

Live up Fitness situated in Malibu Town is a popular gym. The trainers are fantastic; their assistance in creating a customised fitness plan based on your needs works wonders for your fitness goals. Their strategic focus on strength training, body building, resistance and cardio are what makes them one of the top gyms in Gurgaon.

Motivation: Those into muscle building or those who need their body toned, this is the place to be!

Body Cafe — South City 1

Body Cafe offers a complete fitness experience. Whether you are interested in a complete body transformation, body toning or weight loss, trainers here will work with the nutritionists and come up with a perfect combination of diet-exercise program suitable for you.

Motivation: Well-equipped facility with a good atmosphere!

Beyond Fitness — Sector 40

A basket of group activities such as Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Gym, Personal training, Zumba, Jazz, and Contemporary make this an extremely fun and entertaining gym! Their certified trainers guide you through each workout options and decide what will suit your needs, best.

Motivation: At a prime location in Gurgaon with world class facilities!

Body fitness Gym — Laxmi Garden

Body Fitness Gym has the right to boast about its highly skilled and experienced trainers. Their nutritionists and staff have helped thousands of individuals become trainers and as well as provide absolute customer satisfaction.

Motivation: For a total change in your fitness lifestyle, visit them!

Balance fitness — Sector 10 A

Balance Fitness has a bouquet of Gym Packages to choose from! If you are a senior citizen or a working adult, there is a package that would suit your fitness needs and lifestyle. Their experienced consultants guide you through the workout program and ensure you are comfortable yet motivated.

Motivation: Their aerobics and cardio sessions are super fun!

Fitness cafe — Sector 10

Exceeding members’ expectations is what Fitness Cafe aims for every time! By ensuring quality workout programs and equipment, professional trainers and dieticians and by dedicating themselves completely to provide the best service they can with passion ensures their entry in our top 10 gyms in Gurgaon.

Motivation: Founded by a Reebok certified fitness and Diet expert, this gym is constantly coming up with innovative workout programs and diets!

Snap fitness — Fazilpur

Fast, convenient and affordable is Snap Fitness in a crux! It can’t get any better than this. A fast-growing global brand, it is quickly becoming a favourite place to work out at amongst the Indian fitness enthusiasts.

Motivation: A result-orientated attitude + top-of-the-line equipment + unique training programs = an ideal gym for all!

Royal Gym — Badshahpur

A quality fitness experience is what you are in for at the Royal gym. Their state-of-the-art technology, top quality machines and trainers with exceptional fitness experience will provide you with a seamless integration of motivation, personal attention and quality customer service.

Motivation: A complete fitness package, you can handover your fitness regime to them and see results for yourself!

If you have been convinced by one or all of the gyms above, please try them out and see what fits best for your fitness! Select any gym from out BYG Appand start your routine now!

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