Top 10 Gyms in Ghaziabad

top 10 gyms ghaziabad

People of Ghaziabad, whether you are fit and fabulous or just plain old lazy, we have come up with a list that will make you jump in those trainers in no time! Read on and get inspired to workout. Fitness isn’t far off!

Motiv8 Fitness — Vaishali

Formerly known as Blue Gym, Motiv8 Fitness is a Premium fitness center in Ghaziabad. Their patrons enjoy the best of health training programs, top quality facilities and a team of well qualified experts. In a 7,500 square feet area, this gym conducts more than 500 Group Exercise Classes a month!

Their Precor USA equipment is branded as the best in world.

Motivation: Their attention to details helps you avoid fitness — related injuries!

Dream Fitness — Vaishali

A one-stop fitness destination, Dream Fitness Center has not just amazing gym workouts but groups sessions of Pilates exercises, self-defence and kickboxing classes, spinning training, Zumba dance workout and yoga classes as well! Phew!

So many workout programs in one place, how are you ever going to choose?

That’s why they also have experienced trainers who recommend you a workout only after knowing your lifestyle, previous injuries and fitness goals.

Motivation: Go here for weight loss!

Ultimate Fitness Academy — Indirapuram

Ultimate Fitness Academy is a popular gym in Ghaziabad. 12 trainers at this gym under the founder, Mr. Dipender use their rich experience in the fitness industry to provide you with the best fitness care.

Motivation: They specialise in body conditioning, aerobics and martial arts.

Feelin Fit — Vasundhara

World class equipment and facilities at an affordable price is what Feelin Fit wants to deliver to its customers at the end of the day. Hence, their sole focus is to enhance your workout through kit, including functional training zones, vibration platforms and TRX suspension trainers.

They have big open workout gyms so you will never have to wait your turn to get fit.

Motivation: They are open 24/7, go crazy!

Flex Gym — Vasundhara

This gym in Ghaziabad boasts of delivering the best of fitness facilities to take your workout to the next level. Their equipment belongs to the Cybex Fitness Equipment brand which is one of the most reputed in the world.

Motivation: Highest trainer to member ratio compared to other gyms in the city.

Fitness Mantra — Vasundhara

A fast growing and renowned gym in Ghaziabad, Fitness Mantra has a team of dedicated and experienced trainers who make sure you carry on exercising without the worry of an injury or overexertion.

With the state-of-the-art equipment and substantive diet regimes, one can achieve the desired result in this gym.

Motivation: Check out their Steam and Sauna facility after your workout!

The Fitness Freak Gym n Spa — Surya Nagar

An expert staff, best workout equipments and a sophisticated environment to workout in, is what Fitness Freak offers to its clientele. Their goals are aligned with their customers’, be it losing weight, gaining weight or just fitness.

They have an array of classes such as Aerobics, Kickboxing and Yoga at the Gym.

Motivation: Personal Training & Supplements.

Trans Fitness — Surya Nagar

Trans Fitness is your perfect guide to fitness. They have the latest upgraded equipment. Their trainers strive hard to train and motivate you so that you achieve your dream body and health. Their weight loss, cardio and endurance building sessions are an integral part of their workout regimen.

Motivation: Aerobics dance workout, Cross fit training and Power yoga for weight loss!

Dronacharya’s The Gym — Shalimar Garden

Dronacharya’s The Gym is one of the best fitness centers in Ghaziabad solely because of their excellent trainers and a dedication to excellence. They are known to have produced 24 international level players who have excelled in the world championships.

Be it gym services or outdoors training, The Gym applies the same dedication and commitment to get you to be fit. A huge array of workout options is available at The Gym; Group Classes, Weight Lifting, Aerobic Classes and Personal Training

Motivation: Not just workout but they possess a deep knowledge in nutrition as well.

Fitness Track Gym & Spa — Shalimar Garden

Fitness Track Gym & Spa is the last but the most exciting one to be on our list. It is unique and driven with a philosophy of fitness like none others’. Their priority is to give you not just a healthy body but also a peaceful mind and a great lifestyle.

Their trainers are really energetic and always ready to motivate you and get you going!

Motivation: Their intense training sessions.

If we have managed to inspire you with any of these gyms, do download the BYG App and try one of them out. Even better! You can try them all out and their different workout options without paying the annual membership.

Just choose our ‘Workout Now’ option and get started.

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