Top 10 Gyms in Delhi


Delhi! We are here back in another edition of our Top 10 Gyms! Delhi, the city of the country, the city of the smog and the morning joggers!

Yes, Delhi has been steering itself towards the era of health and fitness conscious generation! The gyms here are versatile, innovative and end-result driven.

To the fitness freaks and the ones still scouting for a gym, we present to you our Top 10 gyms in Delhi!

Fitness Village Gym & Spa — Krishna Nagar

A one-stop workout and wellness center for all that your body needs to become healthy and fit! Highly experienced trainers coupled with top quality equipment as well as exciting group activities truly make Fitness Village a wholesome fitness experience.

The spa is of course an added bonus as it helps you wind down perfectly from a kickass workout.

Motivation: Motivational Guidance from the personal trainers!

Physique The Fitness Club — Nirman Vihar

A no-nonsense attitude towards fitness, this club holds a record of 25 years of service in Delhi. Making people see the value of fitness and helping them achieve their health goals is the main priority of one of the best gyms in Delhi.

Physique The Fitness Club has all the amenities one requires to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle outside of the club too. Their experienced trainers have attained a mark in one fitness related industry or the other.

Motivation: Inspiration from the trainers!

Victorious Grand — Anand Vihar

Victorious Grand is one of the best gyms in Anand Vihar solely because they make their members happy. Their result-driven approach is something that transforms the amenities to its optimal usage.

Their workouts are varied and the trainers are experienced as well as motivating.

Motivation: Check out their highly rated group activities.

RDX — Gym Dwarka

RDX is definitely one of the best fitness centres in Delhi! Already popular among the locals, this health and fitness center has 5 branches spanning across Delhi. Their members’ health is their top most priority.

Thus, they have spared no expense with some of the latest resistance training machines from across the world as well as a wide range of professional cardiovascular machines. RDX gym keeps upgrading itself with the most experienced trainers and research into the innovations concerned with the health and fitness industry.

Motivation: Their trainers are actually hand-picked based on their inter-personal capabilities and skills!

Team Core Fitness Club — Pusa Road

Do you want to lose weight? Or just tone your body? Do you have health issues? Whatever your requirements are, Team Core Fitness Club, a premium gym in Delhi aims to help their customers realise their fitness dreams.

From Free Weights Section to Cardio and Steam, they have got your entire fitness regime covered! Team Core Fitness Club is definitely one of the gyms in Delhi to look out for!

Motivation: Free Wi-Fi + Exciting Group Sessions!

YFC — Friend colony

A high-end gym that stays true to its roots i.e. providing more than just basic fitness aid has taken their gym activity to the next level.

YFC, Your Fitness Club is unique in the sense that they have the highest trainer to member ratio among any gym in the city, which means that you can work out here with full support and personal attention of the YFC team. It is truly one of the best gyms in Delhi!

Motivation: Check out their Olympic lifting set ups, Steam and therapeutic massage services and Personalized ‘Superhuman’ training Programs!

Ministry of Fitness — Vikas Marg

Not just any run of the mill gym, Ministry of Fitness has it all and more! Whether it is a weight loss issues or even training for a particular sports, Ministry of Fitness sees to it that you become fit and ready for any game.

Personal Training sessions with health professionals and trainers who are qualified with designing fitness routines, sports therapy, injury rehabilitation and nutrition customised to your needs is what Ministry of Fitness is all about.

Motivation: Strength and Conditioning sessions! We all need it!

Gold’s Gym — Vasant Vihar

No pain, No Gain!

The Fitness Mantra, this world class gym lives by! Gold’s Gym has set itself as one of the most successful fitness centers in Delhi, in fact the entire country. Highest quality equipment and scientifically proven workout regimes has given Gold’s Gym an unrivalled reputation.

Known as the ‘Mecca of Bodybuilding’, Gold’s Gym has set itself and its rivals an unbeatable standard. Customer satisfaction to the highest, skilled and trained health professionals and a unique authority in the fitness world should make this gym in Delhi the one to check out!

Motivation: If you still need more, their personalised fitness routine is exactly what you need.

21 Fitness — Preet Vihar

21 Fitness is set apart from the other top gyms in Delhi for the fact that they don’t train you just for your workout; they aim to instill in you the ‘habit’ of being fit. Excitement or maybe even a little push from us might motivate you to try these gyms out but once you enter 21 Fitness, they make you stay.

They want to combat the problem of fitness procrastination by researching the human behaviour. Their aim is to make you the inspiration for other but also for yourself. It’s not just strength training they are into, they work on your health lifestyle too!

Motivation: Just enter this awesome place once; that is all you need!

Chisel — Laxmi nagar

#NeverStop is the Fitness Mantra, Virat Kohli (yes, him!) and Chisel Fitness LLP follow! Together they have launched the Chisel Fitness, a chain of gyms committed to deliver excellence and quality services to its customers.

Chisel focuses on a combination of fitness technology and motivating environment to help customers reach their fitness goals!

Motivation: They plan to launch their own fitness devices and unique ‘Gamified’ routines! Check them out now!

We sincerely hope you have read enough to try one of these amazing gyms out! You can try a session with any of these gyms without paying an entire membership fee by booking a fitness session or more on our BYG App.

Choose the ‘Workout Now’ option and start your fitness journey now!

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