Top 10 Gyms in Faridabad

top 10 gyms faridabad

The gyms in Faridabad are up and coming, upbeat and boy they can’t be stopped! Here is our list of Top 10 gyms in Faridabad for you to choose to start achieving your fitness goals in the New Year.

Read on and get inspired!

Burn & Blast — SGM Nagar

One can get motivated enough to improve their looks but it is never enough. At Burn & Blast, you will find the trainers working passionately to inculcate the sense of real fitness in you. Just to make you lose weight momentarily is not what they are after! It is to bring about a permanent lifestyle change in you that they value the most. Hence their fitness mantra, ‘Heart and Mind’

Motivation: World class amenities + circuit interval training sessions!

Pro Fitness — Sector 34

Guidance and support from highly experienced industry professionals is what Pro Fitness is known for. They are very serious about their customers’ requirements and fitness goals. Their fitness methodology is based on strict but achievable diet routines, safe cardiovascular exercise programs and state-of the art machines.

Motivation: Variable resistance machines which isolate targeted muscles!

The Rock Gym & Spa — Old Faridabad

Trainers at The Rock Gym & Spa claim to handle them all. The sedentary ones and the fitness freaks, all of you can hit this gym without any hesitation. They have varied workout options that help you according to your lifestyle.

Motivation: Hit the spa after a good workout!

Lean Wolf Gym — S G M Nagar

‘Rise above and work hard’, following this fitness mantra, Lean Wolf Gym provides top quality fitness programs with a unique blend of determination of their trainers and a lot of sweat from their customers! That’s true, their trainers make you commit and make sure you work hard towards your fitness goals.

Motivation: Muscle building happens here!

The Fitness Freak — NIIT

Lots of us have been to gyms and then never again! Working out seems a chore sometimes but at The Fitness Freak, the trainers do their best to help you adapt your training program to your lifestyle.

Suddenly becoming fit will not seem like a tiring task but a habit.

Motivation: Their varied personalised fitness programs

The Fitness Club — Charmwood Village

The Fitness Club is proud of their ultra versatile and upbeat fitness gym. The environment, the equipment and the trainers; everything there will inspire and push you to give it your best at each workout session.

Motivation: Their Freestyle™ areas and group sessions are dynamic and powerful!

Focus Fitness — Sector 10

Focus Fitness Unisex Gym provides not just personalised fitness program but also Supplements, Steam and Sauna. Their value-added services and their dedication towards giving their customers the best fitness solutions they can, makes them one of the top gyms in Faridabad.

Motivation: Zumba and Power Yoga. Check them out!

Regular Fitness Gym — Sector 29

Regular Fitness Gym is ironically pretty unique in its way. It’s not just a place to workout, rather it’s a community of trainers, dieticians and even customers who come together and inspire each other in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

All their centers across the country follow the same regimen i.e. of weight training, cardio and nutrition.

Motivation: Check out their Group Activity, Core Workout and Peaceful Meditation!

Six Pack Factory — NIIT

An up and coming fitness club, Six Pack Factory is at its best when it comes to providing value-added services and substantive results to its customers.

With their ‘Be Well’ lifestyle vision spanning across 20 clubs in the next 5 years, this is the gym in Faridabad to look out for.

Motivation: Their Nutrition counselling and Personal training programs are revolutionising the fitness industry!

V/S Fitness Club — Dayal bagh Colony

Our last but definitely not the least, on this list boasts of state-of-the-art technology, deeply experienced trainers and unique diet schedules. V/S Fitness Club might just change your idea of a conventional health center.

Motivation: Their spa techniques are worth checking out!

If you have liked any of our top 10 gyms in Faridabad, install the BYG Appand try them now! No annual membership fees required. You can try one or all of them with our ‘Workout Now’ option.

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