Top 10 Gyms in Pune — Pimpri

top 10 gyms pune pimpri

Pimpri is a well developed suburb of Pune and the locals there are already becoming fitness enthusiasts by the minute! Gyms are springing up and so are the wellness centers.

If you are scouting for gyms to join in Pimpri, look no further! We have got the best of the best right here for you!

Silver Fitness Club — Aundh-Ravet Road

Silver Fitness Club is a customer’s gym through and through. All the amenities and services for your fitness lifestyle journey are provided to you at affordable prices.

One of the best gyms in Pimpri, customers have rated it highly based on the gym’s skilled trainers and group activities.

Motivation: Their Strength Training and Cardio Equipment is top quality!

Kaizens Wellness & Health Club — Wakad

Some of the top gyms in Pimpri can’t compare to Kaizens for the sole reason that this gym cares about the wellness of the entire family. Whether you are the earning young adult or the grandfather, all of you can find a suitable personalised fitness regime here.

Apart from that, Kaizens Wellness and Health Club has a wide range of workout options, from ashtanga yoga to core and abs! Their customers rate them highly for having a friendly and comfortable environment to workout in.

Motivation: Special classes for Kids! Hear that Moms?

S Square Fitness Club — Thergaon

All thanks to the founder, Mr. Sagar Kate, a K11 certified trainer and Mr. Maharashtra 2010, S Square Fitness Club has been the cause of some amazing body transformations. Their customers are more than happy with them.

This gym has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out of all the gyms in Pimpri! Mr. Sagar Kate’s 15 years of experience has brought forth a friendly and focused approach to fitness regimes in this fitness club.

Motivation: Sundays Open! + The Cycling Studio is worth checking out!

Gold’s Gym — Pimple Saudagar

Gold’s Gym is popular all over the world! These guys have got the reins of the fitness trainings! They are efficient, result-driven and they keep transforming themselves with the area and the type of members they get.

Gold’s Gym has everything you look for in a gym; world class equipment, scientific fitness knowledge, highly skilled trainers and a passion to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Motivation: Be a part of a strong fitness community that encourages each other through group sessions and fitness events.

Golden Fitness Club — Akurdi

Golden Fitness Club is one of those local gyms who made it big. They have a friendly environment that you can work out in. The gym trainers are experienced and make sure you avoid any kind of injury while working out.

Their diet and workout regimes are highly customised as per your requirements. If you need a nearby gym that you can commit to, this one is it!

Motivation: Their yoga classes are worth checking out!

Achiever Fitness Club — Thermax Chowk

Achiever Fitness Club is one of the up and coming gyms in Pimpri- Chinchwad. Started in 2010, their membership rating quickly rose through the roof. Locals and fitness freaks from the neighbourhood have made this gym in a small and focused fitness community.

Their gym trainers dispense fitness tips and knowledge not just to train people but to teach them to be fit. The gym has a wide range of equipments to work with and a very helpful team.

Motivation: Bodybuilding? Go here!

The Fitness Floor — Chinchwad

The Fitness Floor is probably one of the only top gyms in Pimpri that can boast of the latest and bio-mechanically correct equipments. They are known throughout the locality for their customer satisfaction.

Their goal is not to make their members achieve short-term fitness but to inculcate in them a knowledge of fitness and bring forth a long term change in their lifestyle. To do that, they hire highly skilled trainers who focus on some serious diet and fitness regimes.

Motivation: Their nutritional support is phenomenal!

Xtrim Fitness — Nigdi

All the fitness freaks out there, this is the place to be! Call it your second home or your personal gym! At Xtrim Fitness, not only is training with qualified trainers a priority for them, they also make sure you have fun while working out.

Amenities and group activities are designed keeping your comfort and fitness needs in mind. Their nutritional support combined with their cardio and strength training can bring about amazing changes in your fitness lifestyle as is witnessed by their satisfied customers.

Motivation: Their in-built swimming pool!

X Fit Fitness — Ravet

One of the highest rated gyms in Pimpri, X Fit Fitness is all about trainer-member fitness relationship. Their friendly yet attentive approach towards each customer’s needs and goals is what makes them one of the best gyms in Pimpri.

Even their group fitness sessions and wellness programs are customised according to the needs of the population type. Their equipment is updated and safe to use.

Motivation: Their customers are happy and so will you be if you check ’em out at least once!

Optimum Health — Pimple Saudagar

Lastly, the best one you will come across is the amazing one-stop wellness centre, Optimum Health! They have it all!

A well-equipped state-of-the-art gym, a group activity studio and a unisex salon! All their trainers are K11 certified and the nutritionists work closely with them to provide a consistent a diet regime for you. The fitness counsellors and physiotherapists make sure you avoid all kinds of fitness related injuries and they keep you motivated as well.

Motivation: What more could you ask for? Book a Session already!

Our BYG Team hopes that you have read enough to be encouraged to try a workout in any of these top gyms in Pune-Pimpri! Don’t worry! You won’t have to pay the entire membership fees.

By booking a session with us, you can try out all these gyms, any group activity and then make up your mind! Download our BYG App and choose the ‘Workout Now’ option to start your fitness journey!

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